At Dallas Hair Wholesale, we offer 100% virgin human hair for extensions and wigs. It consists of Brazilian, Malaysian, Indian, Peruvian and Russian hair. Our hair is sourced from its original country and hand selected to be the best on the market. We offer three different collections to meet your needs, the Signature, the Kinky and the Premium Hair Collection. Our Signature and Kinky Hair Collections have undergone a special steam process to give you the texture you desire without comprising the integrity of the hair. Our Premium Hair Collection adhere’s to an organic process, in which, it is not altered but kept in its natural virgin state. We carefully examine, sanitize and package our hair to your customers the quality they deserve. It is double drawn with cuticles kept in the same direction that leaves our hair soft, manageable and long lasting. It is what keeps our hair a standard above the rest. We are committed to excellence and only supply the best. Therefore, you can always expect the highest level of product and customer service. We want your customers to have the best experience and enjoy their hair!